Studiomaster MCX32 32 Channel Mixer with Flight Case, 790 € INVENTAARIALENNUS!



The MCX range of mixers have created a new level in price performance for the discerning sound engineer, installer and band. The rugged steel chassis houses the individual circuit boards using only nutted controls for security and long service life. The four band EQ offers responsive control and mic channels include two frequency sweep controls, normally reserved for much larger format consoles. 6 Auxiliary sends (all selectable pre or post fader) provide ample feeds to external effects, monitors or zones and the 100mm faders give smooth accurate level adjustment. The stereo channels also include a mic input which can be used simultaneously with the stereo inputs. This gives a total of three inputs per stereo channel illustrating the flexibility of the MCX range.
The group and main mix section combines individual LED meters, balanced outputs and mute facilities but can also be switched into STAGE MODE. This handy feature swaps the group & mix faders with the auxiliary send rotary controls effectively producing a stage monitor mixer. This feature alone makes the MCX range the ideal choice for rental / hire companies.

Channels – 32
Mic Channels – 32
Stereo Channels – 4
Rack Mounting – X
Frequency response (input to output) – 10-60kHz +0,-0.5dB
Equalisation (+-15dB)
Mic channels
HI – 12kHz
HI MID – 500-15kHz
LO MID – 35-1kHz
LO – 60Hz
Stereo channels
HI – 12kHz
HI MID – 2.5kHz
LO MID – 350Hz
LO – 50Hz
HI pass filter (mic channels only) – 18dB/oct @ 80Hz
Mic channel – 0.012% @ 40dB gain
Stereo channel – 0.006% @ 0dB gain
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm – 1102 x 103 x 583
Weight – 33kgs