Nord Electro 2 (73-koskettiminen)


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Käytetty Nord Electro 2, tästä laitteesta saa irti mm. Nordin autenttisen kuuloiset Hammond urut! Laite on ennen myytiä puhdistettu, laitteen mukaan tulee myös kova kuljetuskotelo! Tämä laite on 73-koskettimen versio. Koskettimet ovat “Waterfall-tyyppiset” (toimii hyvin liukuihin). Kaiken kaikkiaan erinomainen ammattitason keikkakiippari!


Nord Electro 2 – Specification


  • Full polyphony
  • 9 electric drawbars with memory functionality
  • The drawbars of Electro 2 are represented by up/down buttons and LED bar graphs instead of the ordinary mechanical drawbars. This gives you a big advantage: when you change presets, the correct drawbar settings are shown immediately by the LEDs.
  • 9 drawbar presets in ROM and 9 user configurable drawbar settings.
  • Effects: Swell (the characteristic B-3 volume pedal function). Percussion (2nd, 3rd, normal/soft, fast/slow). Chorus/Vibrato (C1, C2, C3/V1, V2, V3).
  • Keyboard Split: Makes it possible to play an organ sound with two different drawbar settings (Lower and Upper manuals) on the internal keyboard.
  • Dual manuals – MIDI Split: Nord Electro 2 is designed to support an extra MIDI keyboard in addition to its own. This makes it possible to play the Nord Electro 2 as a 2-manual (Lower/Upper manuals) organ with different drawbar settings for each manual.


  • Instruments: 5 multi-sampled electric piano instruments in Flash memory: E-Piano Mk I Stage Piano, E-Piano Mk I Suitcase Piano, Wurlitzer 200A, Clavinet D6 and the our custom modified Clavia Electric Grand Model G. We also included an acoustic Grand Piano – in stereo!
  • Effects: Presence (or Filter and Pickup selectors for the Clavinet D6 sound).


  • Memory: 48 user memory locations (6 Banks of 8 Programs each) in which you can store complete setups, including instrument settings (organ/piano) and effects settings.
  • Effects: Tube type Overdrive, Rotary Speaker simulation (slow, fast, stop), Equalizer, Chorus (2 types), Flanger (2 types), Phaser (2 types), Tremolo, Auto Wah, Wah-Wah (2 types), Auto panning and Ring modulation.
  • Keyboard: 61-key (5 octaves) or 73-key (6 octaves). Velocity sensitive semi-weighted ”waterfall” (square front) keyboard.


  • 2 Audio outputs
  • 1 Headphone output
  • 1 Control pedal input
  • 1 Sustain pedal input
  • 1 Rotary Speaker speed switch pedal input
  • MIDI In, MIDI Out
  • USB interface for fast and easy download of new piano sounds
  • IEC320 C7 power connector


  • Nord Electro Seventythree: 1107 mm (43.6″), 96 mm (3.8″), 294 mm (11.6″)


  • Nord Electro 1/2 Seventythree: 9.4 kg (20 lbs)