Korg N5EX Keyboard Synthesizer (MYYNTITILI)


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Käytetty Korgin N5EX Keyboard Syntikka.

The Korg N5EX boasts a gigantic collection of sampling waveforms, with 563 multisamples and 304 drum samples stored in 18 Mbytes of PCM ROM. These include many superb-quality samples from Korg’s world-renowned Trinity and SGproX keyboards. The N5EX also features a new high-quality stereo sampled piano, electric pianos, vintage piano and drum samples, including enhanced bass drum and snare sounds. Korg’s sophisticated AI2 Synthesis System voicing technology brings these elements together to create high quality sound programs. The N5EX’s internal memory gives you access to an amazing 1,671 sounds (strings, synth sounds, sound effects and much more) + 39 drum kits. The internal preset area contains 1,169 sound programs which include GM (General MIDI Level 1) compatible sounds, and 302 combinations, each of which lets you bring together up to eight sound programs. The user area allows you to store 100 sound programs and 100 combinations, and comes already voiced from the factory. In addition, two completely independent stereo multi-effect processors provide 48 different effects, including a unique resonance filter, chorus, delay, and rotary speaker. The N5EX contains everything you need to create your sound and add the finishing touches.

Professional performance in any situation

The N5EX provides a powerful Performance mode that lets you express every bit of your musical potential. The front panel provides four knobs for controlling VDFA Attack/Release Time, VDF Cutoff, and Effect Dynamic Modulation, for intuitive, real-time control of basic aspects of the sound. In addition to these four parameters, another set of four user-assignable parameters can be selected from a list of 12 types of parameters (for a total of 16) for assignment to these knobs. The N5EX also includes aftertouch and a modulation wheel. There are dedicated front panel switches for portamento and to layer or split programs and combinations. In addition, the built-in arpeggiator provides twenty types of preset patterns. All these settings can be stored in internal memory as one of 32 “performances,” letting you recall and play sound settings instantly. Furthermore, you can use the N5EX’s MIDI Start/Stop switch to control the start/stop of an external sequencer, a great feature for studio and live performance applications.

A first class built-in arpeggiator

The arpeggiator can be synchronized with an external sequencer using MIDI Clock. Since you can choose the area of the keyboard (Lower, Upper, All) which will play arpeggios, you can do things like play an arpeggio in the Lower part of the keyboard while you play the melody or chords in the Upper part.

Large, highly-visible graphic display

The N5EX features a 144 x 40 pixel full-graphic backlit LCD that can be switched from amber to green. LFO waveforms, bar graphs, pan, level, keyboard diagrams and more are displayed visually. This allows exceptionally easy sound editing. Plus, in the Performance mode sixteen types of icons provide instant visual confirmation of the functions of the N5EX’s controller knobs.

Complete sound map compatibility and easy computer connection

The N5EX provides full GM support along with GS and XG-compatible sound maps, allowing it to play back all types of commercially available MIDI file data. The convenient, built-in PC interface connector lets you connect your computer with just a single cable (the separately sold AG-001B/002B is required). With 32-part multi-timbrality the N5EX can be used to create the most complex arrangements desired. Programs or Combinations can be used on each of the 32 Parts for total freedom of arranging. Each Part has a number of editable parameters, allowing you to easily shape the sound without going into finite editing.

Korg N5EX Specifications:

Synthesizer Section

Keyboard : 61-key, velocity and aftertouch sensitive
Maximum Polyphony : 64 voices (single mode), 32 voices (double mode)
Number of Multitimbral Parts : 32
Waveform memory : 18MB PCM (563 multisamples, 304 drum samples)
Memory Capacity Combi. : Internal 302, 100 user
Memory Capacity Patches : Internal 1169, 100 user
Memory Capacity Rhythm Sets : Internal 37, 2 user
Arpeggiator : 20 patterns
Effects : 48 (2 digital multi-effect systems)


Display : LCD 144 x 40 dot matrix (amber/green)
Connectors : L(Mono), R, Phones, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Foot switch, Foot pedal, to host PC
Dimensions : 40.6″(W) x 11.8″(D) x 3.4″(H)
Weight : 14.6 lbs