Carl Martin EchoTone Vintage Delay


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Carl Martinin uusi Echotone vintage delay nyt tarjoushintaan 240€! Pedaali on laadukasta, tanskalaista käsityötä!

…1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, foot-switchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and switchable trail function at bypass. Imagine switching from a Manual time setting to a Tap time setting right at your feet, so you can play with your favourite slap-back echo on rhythm to a Tap (tempo) set echo for that massive lead or solo! Combine this with flavouring your echo by installing a chorus, flange or even distortion pedal in the insert loop, and the switchable trail function at bypass, and you have what our test players are calling ‘the best echo they have ever heard’!
As with all the Danish built Carl Martin effects, the Echotone comes in our low-profile housing, coated in our new stunning off-white colour, with the built-in 12v (+-) regulated power supply.


Features / Specifications:

  • Power: 100 or 115 or 230 VAC 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 2,1 Watts
  • S/N ratio: 68 dB
  • Input impedance: 1M Ohm
  • Output impedance: 100 Ohm
  • THD distortion: 0,1%
  • Frequency range: 40Hz-16kHz
  • Delay min.: 20 m.sec
  • Delay max.: 1200 m.sec


Ja parit arvostelut (In English)

Guitar & Bass (UK)
Wonderfully warm, organic delay with some way-out stuff if you twiddle the knobs while playing.

Guitar & Bass (UK) 
The Echotone sounds deep, rich and musical, and will provide instant gratification for analogue delay fans

Regular readers will be well aware that Carl Martin makes some of the best sounding effects you can buy; they are always designed with the gigging musician in mind. The pedals are always seriously roadworthy.
The new EchoTone is no different, although it’s the only Carl Martin unit that comes in this natty and retro cream colour with red legends. The EchoTone has some tricks up in its sleeve.
Firstly, there’s a loop that allows you to add some modulation to the delay repeats-chorus, flange, phase or overdrive for example, whatever takes you fancy. And fun you’ll have. We call it the smile factor. You set up the pedal, kick in the delay and suddenly you find yourself grinning like a Cheshire cat.
A great product is one that takes you somewhere new and engages and encourages your creativity.
If you’re a delay junkie, we suggest you score one immediately.