Beta 58A Laulu- ja puhemikrofoni


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Shuren Beta 58A on huikean suosion saavuttanut erinomainen dynaaminen mikrofoni laululle ja puheelle.



On stage or in the studio, the BETA 58A is made for refined voice. The brightened midrange and bass roll-off give lead and background vocals a mighty presence in the mix. And the supercardioid pattern works harder to isolate your sound from every other source in the air. You could say it’s a singer’s best friend.



The hardened steel mesh grille stands up to some of the roughest sweat drips, mic drops and van rides, without so much as a dent to show for it.


Out-louds the noise

The neodymium magnet provides higher output levels, so your sound is clear – and everything else stays in the background.


A worldwide star

The BETA 58A is a top-selling, single-element, dynamic microphone, and can be seen every night on stages all around the globe.