Behringer Ultra-Voice Pro VX2000 mikrofonietuaste (räkkimalli) (MYYNTITILI)


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Behringerin käytetty mikkietunen (räkkimalli). Kulumaa löytyy (ja hinta on myös sen mukainen), itse laite toimintakuntoinen. Laitteesta löytyy etuaste, taajuuskorjain, kompressori, laajentaja, de-esser ja putkimallinnus yksistä kuorista.

Behringer’s Ultra-Voice Pro is a high-end signal processor that combines mic preamp, equalizer, compressor, expander, de-esser, and tube emulation in one single rack space, making it the perfect tool for direct-to-disk recording. However, it also serves brilliantly in especially demanding live applications.

On top of that, it’s also extremely easy to use: just connect your microphone or line signal and adjust the input gain, eliminate unwanted frequencies, choose between expander and gate functions, and use the tube emulation to add warmth to your sound. Control the dynamic range using the opto-compressor, add aural enhancement, and finally shape your sound with the 3-band EQ. Still too much sibilance? No problem, thanks to the integrated opto-de-esser. Put the final polish on your vocals with the Ultra-Voice Pro.