Alesis MicroVerb 3 Räkkireverb/delay



Käytetty Alesiksen räkkimallinen reverb/delay.

16-Bittinen lineaarinen PCM prosessointi. 144 Kaikua, 96 Delaytä ja 16 erikoisefektiä. High/Low ekvalisaattori, stereo (15khz kaistanleveys)

Using 16-bit linear PCM processing as its predecessors, Microverb III has 256 programs. These include 144 reverb programs, 96 delay programs, and 16 special effects programs, as well as high and low frequency equalization. Microverb III delivers impressive power to the recording efforts of all engineers, from 4 home studio tracks to world-class recording facilities. And, of course, Microverb III is full stereo, full 15kHz bandwidth, and absolutely musical